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Professional Washer Repair in Oklahoma City

Starting to feel the discomfort of a broken washing machine? Are those mounds of laundry growing into unwashed mountains? Then, it’s time to call Adams Appliance Repair Inc.—Oklahoma City’s appliance repair experts. Our team services broken washers across the OKC area. Our goal? To get your washer running smoothly again. It doesn't matter if the fix is major or minor, we’ll get your washer operating again in no time at all.

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Is Your Washer…

  • Not Draining Properly?

  • Overflowing, water-soaked clothes, and mold growth are common signs of this issue. Our appliance technicians will identify the source of the drainage problem and make the necessary washer repairs.

  • Not Spinning Properly?

  • Are your clothes still dripping after the cycle’s over? If your clothes aren’t wringing out properly, wrinkles and mildew often result. We will figure out the cause of the problem and tackle your Oklahoma City washer repair.

  • Not Agitating Properly?

  • The agitator in the washer is responsible for moving the clothes. A broken one can result in staining, dirt, and odors. Our Oklahoma City washer repair experts will uncover the cause of the agitation problem and take the proper steps to fix it.

  • Noisy?

  • Noise during a normal load of laundry could be indicative of a big problem. Our appliance technicians will identify the source of the noise and make the repairs necessary to get your washer functioning again.

  • Leaking?

  • If your washer is leaking, it can cause water damage to your floor, walls, and cabinets. Any leak—no matter the size—needs to be promptly addressed. Our technicians typically come equipped with the parts needed for most common Edmond washer repairs.

Oklahoma City Washer Repair Service

Our OKC Washer Repair Process

How long will it take to repair a washer in Oklahoma City? Do you offer any coupons for Edmond appliance repair? Can you tell me the cost of the fix over the phone? These questions are something Adams Appliance Repair Inc. deals with every day. To try to demystify the process, we’ve broken it down below:

  1. Inspection and Diagnosis
  2. We conduct a thorough inspection of your washer to identify the root of the problem. Please note that the inspection might continue after one issue has been uncovered. Some Oklahoma City washing machine repairs are complex, multi-stage processes. After identifying the issue, we’ll submit a quote for your approval.

  3. Transparent Explanations
  4. Our technicians explain the issue, the required washer repair, and the estimated costs before proceeding. No surprises. No high-powered sales tactics. Just clear and concise explanations.

  5. Efficient Washer Repair
  6. After getting your approval, we’ll get to work. This may require moving items from around your washing machine. Using quality parts, our appliance repair technician will make the necessary changes.

  7. Testing and Quality Check
  8. Post-repair, we run multiple tests to ensure that your washer is operating correctly. We don't consider the job done until your appliance passes our rigorous quality checks.

The typical appliance repair in Oklahoma City takes anywhere between one and two hours. This window may be extended if the part is unavailable, or the work is particularly complex.

Oklahoma City Washer Repair Service

Why Choose Adams Appliance Repair Inc. in Oklahoma City?

There are many reasons to choose Adams Appliance Repair Inc. for washing machine service in OKC. Here are just a few:

Experienced technicians

Our technicians are highly experienced and trained to analyze and repair all major washer brands and models. This includes Whirlpool, Samsung, and LG units.

Quick and efficient service

We understand that you need your washer back up and running quickly. That’s why we offer same-day and next-day appliance repair throughout the Yukon area.

Affordable rates

We offer competitive rates on our washer repairs, so that you don’t have to break the bank for reliable service.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We are confident in our workmanship. So much so that we offer an industry leading 1-year parts and labor warranty on all our repairs. If you’re ever disappointed with how we handled your washing machine repair in Oklahoma City, reach out to us. We’ll make things right.

As you can see, there’s no reason to go back to Google. The appliance repair company you need, is right in front of you. We invite you to click the buttons below to learn more about us and why we do what we do.

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